Modernize your retirement program

Now is the time for a new generation of pension
plan design. Employees are asking for flexible solutions, including guaranteed lifetime income, and companies need to solve workforce management issues with stable and predictable costs.

Many companies find that simple updates to their current retirement programs, often with minimal to no added cost, can unlock better employee and company outcomes.

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  • How your plan can achieve better outcomes
  • Ideas to increase employee engagement
  • Road map of how to modernize your plan

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HR needs a retirement program that works for the company and their employees

It’s time for a new generation of retirement plan design. Modern retirement programs should meet the needs of both employers and employees, providing the lifetime income and security that employees are asking for with the cost stability employers need. A sustainable solution addresses all four key pillars of successful retirement plan outcomes in 2024.


Regardless of your plan design, a modern program should provide better outcomes for all by delivering more for the same cost while providing the personalization and flexibility needed in today’s workforce.


Modern retirement plan design provides a personalized program tailored to an individual’s needs and increases participant understanding, appreciation and confidence in retirement outcomes, leading to a more engaged and happier workforce.

Workforce Planning

Retirement plans are a crucial driver of employee loyalty and retention. Offering attractive retirement benefits packages will make your organization more likely to retain talent and foster a stable workforce over time.

Financial Risk Management

Traditional pensions may be great for employees, but they typically aren’t sustainable for employers. Modern DB plan design blends the best of both worlds, creating a solution that provides stable and predictable expenses year over year, just like your DC plan.

About October Three

Our mission is to help employees achieve better retirement outcomes with forward-thinking plans that meet employer needs. As a consulting firm and one-stop-shop, October Three has the administrators, actuaries and consultants to design programs and then administer them — leading clients through every step of the plan journey.