The four pillars of a modern, sustainable retirement program

America is in the midst of a retirement crisis. Many baby boomers are ready to retire but can’t afford it. With the rising cost of living and high inflation, retirement seems out of reach for younger people too, with 56% of workers saying they “feel behind” on savings2. In fact, 22% of surveyed workers didn’t contribute to their retirement savings account in 2022 and 2023, according to Bankrate.

What could help solve this dilemma? Smart, sustainable changes to existing retirement programs. Based on our decades of experience, modern retirement plans should address four key pillars: efficiency, engagement, workforce planning and financial risk management. If your plan doesn’t tackle these areas effectively, it’s time to update your plan.

Want to learn more? Our infographic dives into the statistics surrounding the modern retirement landscape and illustrates how your plan can achieve better outcomes, including:

  • Insights on delivering more efficient andd equitable retirement outcomes
  • Practical approaches for enhancing employee engagement by developing a plan that employees understand and value
  • How your retirement plan can play a key role in recruitment and retention, including fostering employee loyalty via plan incentives
  • Ways to reduce the financial burden while  giving the HR department and employees what they need

Modernize your retirement program and unlock the untapped potential in your current plans

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Why modernize your plan?


Does your retirement program align with the evolving needs of your workforce, or is it stuck in the past?

Retirement security is more vital than ever, with benefits becoming a crucial deciding factor for potential employees evaluating a job offer. At the same time, employers need workers to stay long-term. An innovative retirement program can address both issues.

The retirement plan of the future should optimize investments, improve employee engagement, address workforce management issues and mitigate financial risks. If your plan doesn’t offer these advantages, it may be time for a strategic overhaul. And the best part? This transformation can often be achieved at minimal to no added costs

A retirement plan for the workforce of the future

Who is October Three?

We help employees achieve better retirement outcomes with forward- thinking plans that meet employer needs. As a consulting firm and one-stop-shop, October Three has the administrators, actuaries and consultants to design and administer programs – leading clients through every step of the plan journey.



*compared to a typical 401k or cash balance plan