Retain talent with optimized retirement plans

One of the biggest challenges facing human resources departments is recruiting and retaining talent. The talent market has shifted significantly over the past few decades, with employees hopping from job to job faster than ever.

More than 40%1 of people who left their jobs cited insufficient benefits packages as a significant factor in that decision. Your retirement plan should be a key driver in your retention strategy. But is it?

Modernizing your plan can dramatically improve outcomes for your employees and the company, regardless of your current plan design. To help HR departments, we’ve created a robust guide highlighting the four key pillars to achieving better results with your current retirement program.

Our guide offers:

  • Insights on how your plan could be more efficient, providing better outcomes without added cost
  • Tangible ways to increase employee engagement, crafting a plan that employees understand and love
  • Strategy for attracting top talent and fostering loyalty with current employees
  • How a modern retirement program keeps the finance department happy with predictable and consistent expenses year-over-year

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Transform your organization with better retirement outcomes

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Why modernize your plan?


Is your retirement program designed for future stability and evolving employee priorities – or is it designed for a bygone era?

Today’s employees want better retirement outcomes, and employers must solve growing retention issues by cultivating employee loyalty. An updated retirement plan is the answer to both.

A modern retirement plan is sustainable, makes investments more efficient, supports employee engagement strategies, improves workforce management efforts and decreases financial risk. If your plan does not offer you and your employees all these benefits, it’s time to consider a new approach. Typically, it can be done for little to no increased cost.


A retirement plan for the workforce of the future

Who is October Three?

We help employees achieve better retirement outcomes with forward- thinking plans that meet employer needs. As a consulting firm and one-stop-shop, October Three has the administrators, actuaries and consultants to design and administer programs – leading clients through every step of the plan journey.