Foster employee loyalty and engagement with an innovative retirement program  

Americans need better retirement plans, and employers need to tackle their workforce management issues. To solve this dilemma, we have crafted a comprehensive retirement program - O3 PRIME.

O3 PRIME is based on the two linchpins employees look for in a retirement program: security and personalization.

What is O3 PRIME? | O3 PRIME is a retirement program for the future workforce. It is designed to meet the distinct needs of each employee, with two separate accounts working together to provide retirement income.


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A retirement plan for the workforce of the future

How It Works


Employers set up a Security Account while employees can save their own money in a Personal Account. Working in tandem, the two accounts enable employees to stow away enough money for a comfortable retirement.  



For the employer

  • Helps you attract and retain a diverse workforce by offering benefits with highly equitable outcomes 

  • Design the plan that fits your company’s needs with known and affordable costs 

  • Option to invest in your employees’ well-being with a tax-free medical savings account  

For the employee

  • Provides opportunities for guaranteed lifetime income on a fair and equitable basis

  • Your employer is investing in your retirement, even when it doesn’t fit in your budget

  • Customizable to meet your unique needs

Retirees should save around 12% to 15% of their pre-retirement income, including employer contributions, to maintain their standard of living, according to experts. With multiple accounts working in tandem, O3 PRIME makes that possible. Americans will again be able retire with financial stability and peace of mind.  


Who is October Three?

Our mission is to help employees achieve better retirement outcomes with forward-thinking plans that meet employer needs. As a consulting firm and one-stop-shop, October Three has the administrators, actuaries and consultants to design programs and then administer them — leading clients through every step of the plan journey.  

Want to learn more about the retirement program of the future?

October Three experts are happy to discuss how we could customize O3 PRIME to fit your company’s needs and answer any questions.

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