Gain insights to better manage your Frozen DB 

A plan Wellness Check is the most efficient and affordable way to for you to gain unbiased, valuable insight on the health of your defined benefit plan(s).

Diagnose pain points, illuminate strategic opportunities, and discover innovative cost-saving remedies with no demands on your time - no data request needed.

A Wellness Check will:

  • Identify areas to reduce plan costs and risk
  • Highlight  good plan hygiene opportunities
  • Provide a roadmap to plan termination  including available options and expected costs along the way.

Check Your Frozen Plan Health

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Future Roadmap1

See a realistic picture of your path to plan termination to support in establishing effective organizational goals, benchmarks, and expectations.


Independent Review

An unbiased, independent actuarial review can provide confirmation that you’re on the right track or guidance to help correct your plan’s course before damage has been done.


Quick, Cost-effective Results

Wellness Checks do not require your time or participation and offer an affordable way to get a second opinion on plan management and de-risking strategies

1Future looking analysis is a paid feature and not included in the complementary version of the wellness check, but can be easily added in if desired.